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New Releases!

Ms. Evil’s Erotica has three new releases out currently on Amazon:

Cara and the CEO: Her Hard First Day

Cara takes a temporary secretarial position with sexy billionaire Carlo Bruni to help pay off her student loans. But what she doesn’t know is how fulFILLING that position will be! This Male Dom story (approximately 5,000 words)will make your libido work overtime! Especially recommended for fans of the movie Secretary.

Alison and the Officer: Pulled Over and Pounded

Alison is an amateur race car driver with a lead foot and a wet pussy when she gets pulled over by Officer Simons. He doesn’t care that her daddy is the Head County Commissioner or that she is the 2015 Lee County Speedway champion- he’s going to teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget. This Male Dom story (approximately 5,000 words) features a spoiled girl, a stern officer of the law, and hot roadside action!

Mike the Mechanic: Grinding April’s Gears

April is working two jobs and still having trouble making ends meet when the transmission in her old jalopy meets a bitter end. She agrees to work for Mike, her mechanic, to pay off her bill- but she has no idea just how he’s going to help her- out of her clothes and into his big, calloused hands, that is! Mike gets April’s engine going full throttle in this hot dirty Male Dom story (approximately 5,000 words.)


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